In case you haven't been caught up yet, here's a few answers to common questions about this website and the current trip I'm on.

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Where are you going?

Rosario, Argentina. I'm staying with the Fayes, a local family. They have three daughters: Albertina, Paulina, and Martina.


How long will you be there for, and why are you going?

I arrived on February 11th, (at one in the morning to be specific), and I'll be here for two months. I've come to train for field hockey, learn to speak fluent Spanish, and explore the city as much as possible.

Are you excited?

You know. A bit.

Why didn't you come say goodbye before you left?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. My old BMW broke down again, so I didn't have my own car to use. On top of the fact that I needed to get a lot of stuff done and shop for the trip, this made planning more difficult.
  2. I am not a great planner to begin with.

What is this website for?

Right now, to log and share as much of my experiences and sight seeing with you as possible. As I continue to edit and create content, it may evolve into something more expressive, so don't be surprised if you visit back and forth and things are different.